Power of Social Media- PTI’s Naib Nazim Akhunabad fined Rs 25000 by Sui gas department over Gas theft

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Usually getting photographed with Imran Khan is considered to be a positive thing, but it doesn’t always work that way. At a recent wedding in the UK, the head of the PTI was seen – and photographed – sitting next to a young woman. In no time, gossip mills on social media started their endless work.

The photo became viral in no time and all sorts of comments and commentaries accompanied it. This forced one well-wisher of the lady in question to send a stark clarification that read as follows:

‘Just wanted to let everyone know that Mehk is engaged with Hashim, my childhood friend Kulsoom’s son. The cropped photograph going viral was taken at her aunt’s wedding in which the PTI chief attended as an uncle and father figure to the children of Rana Sattar. Please refrain from posting [it] on your profiles. She is our daughter. We must protect her.’

All sensible men and women can relate to the agony of the family on being subjected to the tyranny of gossip and suggestive messaging that went on and on and on – the more so since this involved a daughter.

But this case isn’t unique; there are a million cases of such insane campaigns that go on without any check and remorse and end up destroying lives, careers and relationships.

It is believed that the most common cause of this new disease is new media. Virus-like, it makes everything that is remotely sensational (or made to look sensational) go viral. In no time the information becomes a household topic and gets discussed and debated without any information base or counter-check for as long as another similar ‘issue’ pops up – creating another cycle of the same type of rumour-mongering and insinuations

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