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You can’t fight city hall!” Or in this case Insurance Industry. Some time ago there was on old adage, “You can’t fight City Hall.” There is a similar perception when it comes to the insurance industry. Many believe that the insurance industry is untouchable, and disputing a claim with them will be a fight you simply can’t win. However, that is actually the biggest problem… trying to WIN! It’s not about

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who wins and who loses, it should only be about the wind damage caused by the storm and the costs. Who wins and who loses causes differences and arguments that rarely have anything to do with the storm damages or the amount needed for proper settling of the claim. The claim turns into a he said she said issue which accomplishes little.

Expert weather forecasters calling for a high-grade 2010 Atlantic basin hurricane season, the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) make suggestions to property owners about the most effective ways to prepare their properties from hurricane claim damage. However, we should also discuss some of the common myths about hurricane preparedness.

1. Leave open windows on the sheltered of the house to suppress the air pressure

It is down right impossible to know prior to the hurricane which wall will be the leeward side – as strong winds can and often do change as a storm passes. Trying to open and close windows during a hurricane puts you beside panes that can break, causing injury. Not to mention, as the hurricane direction changes, open windows will often allow wind-driven rains to drain within your house or structure and ruin contents. Common leakage of air around the buildings windows and door openings can tend to relieve hurricane pressure in your dwelling lower than the atmospheric pressure caused by the event on the exterior. The greatest danger comes when a large window or door fails on the wall facing the wind. The key is to keep all wind and rain out of the dwelling with proper opening protection.

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